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Benefits to Professional Adviser

Compliance - We utilise the systems and processes SFP
FP Tools - using the best-of-breed options and integrating them into your compliance framework
FNA - Sanfin system
CRM - Sanfin system
Fiduciary Services - Normal advisor agreement on fees for any FP done for client
Products - ability to utilise a wide range of product providers
HR and IR services - On consultation basis only

Key principles of an FS4P adviser

We believe in a professional working environment where Professional Advisers provide professional advice for the professional client wanting to build a long term sustainable and successful practice.

  • There is a focus on the professional client
  • Advisers must have a professional client base
  • Largely focussed on risk and investments solutions
  • Eligible advisers could currently be an individual advisor or working with a larger FSP
  • CFPs or equivalent qualifications are preferred in the creation of a Professional image
  • Preferred Age group 25-55
  • Must be a vested adviser that requires minimum start-up training and no supervision.

Value proposition for advisers

  • Competitive commissions splits.
  • Management support on all aspects of your business practice.
  • Succession planning inside the organization.
  • PI Cover taken out by SFP.
  • Compulsory membership of the SFP Group Scheme.
  • Compliance and FSB reporting is taken care of.
  • Structured training interventions on practice development.
  • Product specific training by contracted Product Providers
  • Coaching and mentoring by skilled management team
  • Invited to attend SFP conference annually
  • Facilitated training for adviser’s staff
  • The Management team is Ian McMaster and Lizette Gerber
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Commission Split

Competitive commission split with an additional bonus for business written in the professional market.

List of Product providers

Contracts with most appropriate product providers in the professional market. Contact FS4P for further information.